We welcome in the New Year and a refreshed logo

As Directors of OG & Geotechnical Mining Services (GMS) we’re always thinking about where we are now, where we are going and, where we’ve come from. We have recently gone through a process to shape our vision for the future of both OG & GMS which involved gaining insights from within our team, our clients, and our advisors.

To support our plan to expand internationally we have made the business decision to merge GMS and OG under the OG banner to form a single brand. This will help us strongly position OG both domestically and internationally and allow us to communicate more clearly our competitive advantages to the marketplace. Accordingly, we felt this was the right time to update our logo.

We have also made key role changes to provide better clarity for our employees and clients regarding initial point of contact and responsibilities. The following changes are now effective: 

Jeremy Doolan      General Manager – Australia

Jeremy with his extensive management experience and leading large teams will become the General Manager: Australian Operations. Jeremy will assist and oversee the areas which are led by Dan, Chris, Mairi and Jed, along with the field services team (formerly GMS). 

Dan Barnett           Manager – West Operations

Dan will oversee Western Australian site support requests and focus on mentoring and leading the west coast geotechnical team.

Mairi Ferguson      Manager – East Operations

Mairi will oversee east coast site support requests and focus on mentoring and leading the east coast geotechnical team. 

Chris Moulding      Manager – Technical Studies 

Chris will manage technical studies, oversee ad-hoc site support and lead technical mentoring for the core team.

Jed Percy               Project Lead – Backfill 

Jed will lead the backfill projects and oversee backfill site support.

Trent, Ben and Ash will still be present across the business however shift their focus to business development and growth, both domestically and internationally, along with team interaction and innovation projects.